We are always looking for resources and tools that can help the broader Linked Learning field of educators, employers, policymakers, parents, and students. Collaboration and innovation are essential parts of the success of Linked Learning. If you have tools, lesson plans, curricula, or other materials that can help expand and improve Linked Learning opportunities for students, please email it to

To get you started, we have developed numerous materials to help foster the implementation and expansion of the Linked Learning approach. Below are resources that have been created through the collaboration of Linked Learning Alliance members, as well as links to member organizations with extensive resources of their own.

For policy-related information and resources, please visit our policy page.

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For Linked Learning videos, including the Story of Whoa and SRI Data videos, visit our Linked Learning in Action page.

Pride Pack Materials

To request a Pride Pack personalized to your school and/or pathways, email Below, you will find examples of all the available materials.

Download the complete packet of materials proofs: Pride Pack Materials Deck

Pride Pack Cover Sheet and Flyer

Industry one-pager examples:
Arts, Media and Entertainment Pathways One-Pager (Customizable)
Engineering and Design Pathways One-Pager
Health Sciences Pathways One-Pager (Customizable)

Recruitment Templates/Flyers:
Two-Page Recruitment Flyer (Customizable)
Two-Page Recruitment Flyer – Spanish (Customizable)
Infographic One-Pager

Branded Collateral:
Posters – Set of Five 18″ X 24″
Sticker Proofs 3″ x 3″ – Personalized to Pathways
Linked Learning Flag – 8′ x 12′
Additional Items: Water bottles, window decals and digi-wipes

Messages & Talking Points

The updated talking points include a basic definition of Linked Learning, four core components of Linked Learning, and primary and secondary messages for all audiences. Audiences include: educators, students, parents, business leaders, policymakers, teachers unions, and potential community partners.

Download the complete set of messaging: Talking Points for All Audiences [Doc]

Template PowerPoint

The Linked Learning template PowerPoint deck contains customizable slides for presentations and events. The deck includes updated Linked Learning photos, color palette and logo to ensure the integrity of the Linked Learning brand. A variety of slide/photo combinations have been incorporated to best fit the needs of simple or complex presentations. We recommend using the template PowerPoint for any internal or external Linked Learning-related presentations.

Download the complete template PPT: Linked Learning Template Slide Deck [PPT]

To download individual, audience-specific PowerPoint templates contained in the toolkits for printing or editing, use the links below:

Linked Learning Logo & Style Guide

Download the Linked Learning Style Guide [PDF]

Download the Linked Learning logo:

To download both the low-resolution and high-resolution versions of the Linked Learning logo, please click the links below. It will open in a new window, where you can right click and save them to your desktop.

Download the Linked Learning Proud Partner logo:

To download the Proud Partner Web button to display on your organization’s website, click here.

Communications Toolkits

This toolkit contains resources and tools to help you reach educators, students, and parents. Communicating with these three audiences will be essential to transforming learning in schools through establishing new Linked Learning pathways and expanding existing ones. To help you with your outreach to these audiences, this toolkit contains a variety of information, tips, and template materials.

Download the complete toolkit: Engaging educators, students and parents [Doc]

The success of Linked Learning will require the efforts of everyone, not just those most closely involved in schools. That is why we have provided this toolkit to help with outreach to external groups, including business leaders, policymakers, and other potential community partners. The materials and resources in this toolkit will help you conduct outreach to these audiences who can support Linked Learning pathways in both policy and practice.

Download the complete toolkit: Engaging business leaders, policymakers, and community partners [Doc]

To reach Linked Learning’s audiences effectively, outreach efforts must include earned and social media outlets—newspapers, television, radio, blogs, Facebook and Twitter. This toolkit is specially designed to help you effectively use these media channels to support and expand Linked Learning. It contains step-by-step instructions and template materials that can help you leverage earned and social media to reach target audiences.

Download the complete toolkit: Engaging the media [Doc]

This toolkit includes best practices and tips to utilize and reference when hosting student exhibitions. It contains step-by-step instructions and template materials that can help you leverage earned and social media to reach target audiences.

Download the complete toolkit: Student Exhibition Toolkit [Doc]

This toolkit contains tips and materials to help you develop and place public service announcements (PSAs) about Linked Learning events and announcements at your school in local media outlets.

Download the complete toolkit: Public Service Announcement Toolkit [Doc]

This toolkit is specially designed to help prepare you to host influential community members for a visit that is as enjoyable and productive as possible. Ultimately, the visit should be focused on helping professionals feel comfortable in a school environment. Much like Linked Learning is about helping students feel comfortable in professional environments, school visits help professionals engage with schools in a way that they may not be used to doing. Use school visits as an opportunity to show not tell—the great work that is happening in Linked Learning pathways.

Download the complete toolkit: Guide for Hosting Visitors [Doc]

Resources Available via Member Organizations

The Career Academy Support Network has a collection of resources on career academies, which are a common delivery model for Linked Learning.

ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career has compiled a collection of helpful Linked Learning resources.

NAF Network of Academies A national network of over 500 high school career academies supported by the National Academy Foundation.

Case Studies

Sacramento City Unified School District

Pasadena Unified School District

Porterville Unified School District

Photo Library

These photos are available to use through 2015 for Linked Learning-related outreach. To save photos, right click each photo and select “Save As.” To request high-resolution images, please send a detailed email to These images are copyrighted and we reserve the right to deny usage of these photos for any non-Linked Learning purpose.

To take your own photos, please reference our guide to taking and selecting photos.

Evaluation Resources

The following resources are for SRI International’s Taking Stock of the California Linked Learning District Initiative. Fifth-Year Evaluation Report. Also, see press release.

Evaluation Summary

Talking Points

Path to Success Infographic

Path to Success Infographic (with bleeds)

2013 Employer Outreach Research

Fact Sheets

Facts for Businesses and Employers
Facts for Community Partners
Facts for Educators and Administrators
Linked Learning and the Common Core State Standards
Facts for Policymakers
Facts for Students and Parents
Linked Learning Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Infographic One-Pager

Download the Linked Learning infographic in color and black & white:

To download both the low-resolution and high-resolution versions of the Linked Learning infographic, please click the links below. It will open in a new window, where you can right click and save them to your desktop.